Patrick B. | Ottawa
I have been dealing with Darryl Lim for a few years now, and my father has dealt with him for 10 plus years. He always provides fast, friendly and knowledgeable service, even on the weekend! 10/10 would recommend to anyone looking to find a good insurance adviser.”

Michael & Miriam | Orleans
We recommend working with Darryl for your insurance needs. He has been a great help combining both our vehicles and home insurance, explaining the details and being available whenever needed. He’s not only offering coverage but a personable service with great care. Thanks Darryl, we appreciate you!”

Molly T. | Gloucester
Darryl has been a huge help to my partner and I, he has provided amazing service and is very kind. Can’t recommend him enough!”

Diane T. | Embrun
For all your insurance needs, contact Darryl! He ALWAYS gives excellent service! Thank you, again for everything, you ROCK!”

David & Denise | Ore-Medonte
“I wanted to take the time to thank you for your outstanding professionalism and knowledge with regards to all our insurance needs.  We had been loyal to a major insurance company for over 20 years and we never thought we could save by switching to any other company.  However with the previous insurance company being purchased the transition was far from pleasant.  We went from a company that we felt a personal connection with to just a number on a 1-800 line. We did shop around a number of different alternative insurance companies, but once we started talking to you we knew that we found that personal connection that was lost with the previous provider. Our family thanks you for all your hard work and we highly recommend you to anyone looking for a fresh start with their insurance needs.”

Thomas M. | Barrhaven
“By far one of the nicest and most professional insurance brokers in the city. I recommend him to everyone who asks.”

Stephanie H. | Barrhaven
“How do you sum up professional, friendly, efficient, accessible, knowledgeable, resourceful, honest, compassionate, understanding, patient and reliable in one word? You don''s in a name...and that name is Darryl Lim. When you're dealing with insurance, agents generally see you at your worst. Darryl makes me feel like I'm his only client, and takes care of me like I'm family - and in today's crazy world, it's comforting to know people like Darryl are on your side.”

Joshua G. | Ottawa
“I have been a client of Darryl for a couple of years now. Not only is he a great insurance advisor but he is always just a phone call away if something goes wrong. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Thanks Darryl for all your hard work.”

Andrew H. | Ottawa
“When it comes to dealing with insurance, I can think of a million things I'd rather do, or calls I'd rather make. Insurance companies are difficult to deal with and fight you every step of the way. Then I called Darryl. I can honestly say I'm looking forward to working with him. He speaks to you in a language you can understand and takes the time to answer your questions so you understand what you are signing. I've also never recommended someone in insurance before, so this is a big deal for me! You have nothing to lose by calling Darryl. Call him and let him work his magic!”

Jing L. | Kanata
“Absolutely a delight to deal with Darryl! Through his recommendations I’ve switched from another insurance company that I had been with for nearly 20 years to Allstate, and with savings over $500 on multi line insurance products. Throughout my dealings with Darryl, he was patient, honest and very professional. He also speaks my native language, big bonus! Thanks Darryl, I’m looking forward to many happy years with Allstate!”

Darwin T. | Barrhaven
“I have known Darryl for a number of years. When my family decided to review our insurance needs, we spoke with Darryl and ultimately went with Darryl and Allstate for our insurance needs. Darryl worked with us to tailor the insurance policies to meet our requirements. Darryl explained the policies and what we could expect from him as our agent.”

John & Debbie P. | Cornwall
“Darryl Lim has been our Insurance Agent for some years now. Not only is he knowledgeable about the products we have, but he goes above and beyond for us. He reaches out to us throughout the year, even though those times are not renewal times! I have no hesitation recommending Darryl Lim as your Insurance Agent.”

Brian C. | Barrhaven
“Darryl is one of the best! It’s not everyday your Insurance Advisor uses the advisory in their title. I switched to Allstate recently and Darryl gave some great advice on how my policy should be setup and ways to reduce the cost but get the same or better coverage compared to my last insurance provider. Not only that, but he’s just a great guy to chat with. Thanks Darryl!”

P. Trinh | Barrhaven
“I recently switched to Allstate insurance; Darryl is very professional and he explained and suggested what options are suitable for me. I will not hesitate to recommend friends and family to him!”

Michele R. | Osgoode
“Excellent service and quick to reply!”

Jean-Guy G. | St. Bernardin
“Hi Darryl, I just want to take a few minutes to thank you for your support and professionalism. After receiving the estimate for the replacement of the roof tower, the adjuster worked fast and efficiently. Everything is repaired to my satisfaction. Thank you for the outstanding service and taking care of me for this claim!”

David T. | Orleans
“I am very satisfied with the level of services provided by my insurance agent Darryl Lim. I had signed with several insurance companies before but I was never satisfied like I did with the service that Darryl provided. He was able to answer all my questions and concerns and ensured that I was fully satisfied with the service. Due to this experience, I have referred him to several friends and RCMP colleagues who are looking for insurance. I am confident they will experience the level of satisfaction that I’m enjoying. I would certainly rank Darryl’s services a 10/10. He has turned a long term insurance skeptic like myself into trusting that Darryl and Allstate are trusted and dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction. Thank you!”

Michael J. | Perth
“Darryl Lim was instrumental in saving me over $1000 per year on the Home, Commercial Vehicle, Auto and Motorcycles insurance package. Darryl is a wonderful guy, and a real pleasure to work with as well.”

Dianne L. | Woodlawn
“Just want to give a shout out to my Allstate Insurance Agent Darryl Lim. He called here tonight to make sure I was OK from Singapore, where he had just arrived for Holidays, after hearing that I had a fender bender today. He let me know everything would be taken care of. Now if that isn't service I don't know what is. With Thanks Darryl Lim.” 

Melanie D. | Cornwall
“Thank you for all your help this past month! Right from the night of my accident until today when I picked up my new vehicle, your professionalism and willingness to answer all of my questions has been truly appreciated! I know that the way you handled this situation was a huge part in why my parents decided to switch to Allstate as well. I am incredibly happy that Robert and Chantal sent me your contact information last fall. I will be more than happy to recommend you to everyone who asks! Thank you for all that you did to make an awful situation easier and as stress free as possible for me!”

Iain T. | Ottawa
“Before speaking with Darryl, I was certain I was going to switch insurance providers. I’d been with Allstate my whole life, but felt it was getting too expensive and too impersonal. Darryl was able to convince me otherwise. Math and risk assessment are cold and uncaring, but Darryl proved that insurance doesn’t have to be. For the first time in my life, I have a policy that feels tailor-made for me.”

Patrick F. | Barrhaven
"I like Darryl Lim. He is local to Barrhaven and is deeply rooted in the community. His office is on Strandherd Drive. It’s great to have someone you can just drop in and see rather than some faceless 1-800 number. I had an emergency with my vehicle and Darryl handled everything for me in record time. He has also saved me a lot of money over the years. It’s the first time I’ve ever felt that an insurance agent cares. He even sent me a Christmas card. You won’t get that kind of personalized service in the millennial age."

Derek G. | Nepean
“I would like to commend Darryl on his professionalism and courteous approach to customer service. He always got back to me expeditiously and provided a thorough and knowledgeable consultation. I would highly recommend him.”

Nicole K. | Gloucester
“Darryl is not only an agent, he’s a member of the community. He not only aims to understand each of his clients’ insurance needs, he thrives on exceeding their expectations as a service provider and community partner. His altruistic approach towards his clients make him an excellent advisor. One that believes that every client deserves to feel protected and to know they have a trusted advisor that is working for them. Thank you Darryl for raising the bar on client service delivery and for your continued commitment to the community.”

Sunpreet D. | Nepean
“Working with Darryl is always great service. Makes the job of getting insurance easy and I would always recommend him and his services!”

J. Li | Kanata

“我们是从多伦多搬家到渥太华来的,买了房子后向Darryl Lim询过房屋报价,后来因为忙其他事情忘记了这件事。Darryl Lim在我们接收房屋之前及时提醒了我们,非常感谢Darryl Lim的用心和专业,在我们确认了房屋保险后也主动帮我们更新了汽车保险,给我们省了$150.非常感谢你们的专业周到的服务!” 

English Translation: “We moved from Toronto to Ottawa. After buying the house, we asked Darryl Lim for a house insurance quote. Later, I forgot about it because of other things, Darryl Lim reminded us in time before we received the house. Thanks to Darryl Lim for his care and professionalism. After we confirmed the house insurance, he also volunteered to help us update our car insurance, saving us $150. Thank you very much for your professionalism and service!”

Kenny C. | Barrhaven
"Excellent service and very knowledgeable. Fast Response Time!"

Vispi & Mahatab | Barrhaven
"Darryl is an excellent professional and was a tremendous help when I was switching insurance companies. Darryl is honest, smart, courteous, informative and forthright and is a pleasure to have as our Allstate agent. He took the time to review the policies we had. Then he met with us and with his comprehensive knowledge, he explained everything in detail, and found ways to save us money especially by ensuring that I was not over-insured on my home and auto insurances. I was even able to get a discount on my home insurance plans for my rental properties. He ensured the transition from my previous insurance company to Allstate was seamless. My wife and I much prefer talking to someone rather than getting an e-mail or call centre and that is what he does. He responds quickly to my queries and is very helpful. Darryl also offered us a deal as to how to save some more money on the auto insurance by having us install a device to our cars. Darryl also showed great understanding and concern during his quick follow up after we received a claim regarding our neighbour’s roof which we share on a semi-detached. Even though it was not Allstate’s problem, he guided us to the best course of action as we are with him now. He even explained our insurance plan to my son who is looking to get his own insurance as he is moving out. If you’re looking for an insurance agent that will respect his customers’ needs over anything else he is the man to call!! I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking at purchasing home and / or auto insurance! Thank you for the great service you provide Darryl!"

Teresa H. | Orleans
"Darryl is a consummate professional and was a tremendous help when I was switching insurance companies. With his detailed knowledge, he explained everything in detail, and found ways to save money especially by ensuring I was not over-insured on my home insurance. He ensured the transition from my previous insurance company to Allstate was seamless. He responds quickly to my queries. Unlike my previous broker who never followed up with me about my needs and/or changes, Darryl has been in touch throughout the nine months I have been with Allstate, sending emails advising me of changes or programs. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking at purchasing home and/or auto insurance! Well done Darryl!"

Sunny D. | Barrhaven
"Darryl Lim is definitely one of the best. He helped me get my insurance ready as fast as he could while working around my busy schedule. Have recommended many friends and family and everyone leaves as a happy customer because of Darryl’s service."

Elaine D. | Kanata
"Darryl goes above and beyond to provide excellent service. I can attest to this as I was in need of insurance within a very short time frame and this occurred over a weekend commencing on a Friday evening. Darryl was not able to provide insurance for me as it was a special situation but he did reach out to other Insurance brokers that he knew and he put me in contact with someone who could help me and by Monday I had my insurance in place. Thank you Darryl, you provide amazing service!"

Jennifer E. | Stittsville
"Darryl became my insurance agent when I purchased a condo this past summer. He was very helpful and knowledgeable in setting up condo and auto insurance for me, and took the time to answer all of my questions. Earlier this week I was unfortunately in a car accident and Darryl followed up with me by phone to check in and make sure the claim process had gone smoothly. I'm very happy with the service I've received from Darryl!"

Douglas D. | Ottawa
“Absolutely amazing service. One of the best. Very professional. Any time I have a question Darryl is one phone call away. He has helped me in so many ways I couldn’t be more grateful. Thanks Darryl!”

Mark A. | Ottawa
"Darryl is a very knowledgeable person in his field of work. After looking around for car insurance, Darryl was able to help me find the best value. He is also very nice, patient and takes his time to help go through the whole process with you. He is one of the best. I would recommend him anytime."

Gehane & Jean-Pierre | North Gower
"Darryl is always a pleasure to deal with. He is very friendly. He is fast and efficient. He always gets back to us right away. He is knowledgeable. I would not hesitate to recommend Darryl. Thanks Darryl for all that you do for us!!"

Kelvin M. | Carleton Place
"I have known Darryl Lim for approximately 12 years now. We first met in the insurance industry and when it came time that I needed insurance for my family a few years ago I called Darryl. He was able to save me almost $900 while offering me the same coverage with a few perks included. Thank you Darryl for your continued professional and honest approach to ensuring your clients always get a fair deal."

Christine K. | Nepean
"Darryl is very prompt in responding to emails and is fast, efficient and personable.  His knowledge and professionalism is evident in all our correspondence. My family and I first met Darryl a year ago when we purchased a new home. He not only prepared the insurance documents but made sure all documentation was forwarded to the lawyers and mortgage company. Through it all I was always kept in the loop on emails.  With Darryl, we had the peace of mind knowing that we were getting the best coverage for our home, and also receiving a personalized level of service and follow-up that only a local agent can provide. I would not hesitate to recommend Darryl to any friends and family."

Eric L. | Barrhaven
"I’ve only had Darryl as an agent for all my insurance for less than a year now. However, during this short period, Darryl has earned his stars as my agent with Allstate. Since the very beginning, Darryl has made my transition from my previous insurance company to Allstate completely trouble free. Having a small in-house business gave me the opportunity to ask for more than your typical questions. Darryl was always quick to answer or to respond via emails to all questions. He’s earned 5 star service for me, I’m sure he’d do the same for you."

Sarah C. | North Gower
"My husband and I have been with Darryl Lim for our insurance needs for almost a year. Many things impressed us about Darryl. He is always there to answer questions. He is a professional and knowledgeable about his business. He is patient and doesn’t mind explaining the details. He really gets an A+ for client service. Check him out and make the switch today. You will be glad you did!"

Brandon E. | Ottawa
"Moving back to Ontario and the insurance market was daunting. Darryl did an outstanding job at explaining the great rates and benefits offered by Allstate for home, auto and motorcycle insurance making my choice easy. The knowledge, support and professionalism from Darryl and the Allstate team is first class."

Paul P. | Osgoode
"I had two vehicles and house insured with another company. With the excellent rate provided by Darryl for my motorcycle I decided to move everything over. As we had just moved to Ontario and was unfamiliar with the provincial guidelines, he took the time to go through the options with me which best met my requirements. Each rate was cheaper than the company I had been with which was located via a broker. So, we now have everything insured by Darryl and continue to be impressed by the personalized service he provides on a regular basis. I have already recommended him to colleagues and will continue to do so."

Kordestan S. | Kanata
"I would highly recommend Darryl as Allstate insurance agent. I have had the best service with him, always there for you if you need him. He is extremely responsive in all situations."

Derek & Pratuan | Woodlawn
"My wife and I have been with Darryl for almost a year now and we could not be happier with the service. He is smart, professional and very courteous. He explained everything in detail before we switched to him and more importantly, he followed through with everything he promised. Darryl also showed compassion and sincerity during his quick follow up after I hit a deer in the middle of the night. His prices are quite fair and competitive and if there is a discount to be found, Darryl will provide it. Thank you for the great service! I highly recommend anyone reading this to give him a call!!"

Eve M. | Munster
"Other than the fact that Darryl gave us by far the best quote for our home and car insurance, it has to be said that it shows he loves his job! Darryl is very personable and genuinely cares about you and makes sure your policy fits your needs. Looking forward to a long work relationship with you, Darryl."

Darwin T. | Barrhaven
"I have known Darryl Lim for a number of years and recently switched my insurance to Allstate. Darryl Lim has always been honest and a good friend. We switched to Allstate after Darryl Lim explained all of the pros and cons of our insurance needs. I look forward to working with Darryl Lim for our insurance needs for now and the foreseeable future."

Mark & Adora | Nepean
"As first time home buyers, my girlfriend and I had a lot of questions when it came to getting insurance. We already had several quotes from other companies before being recommended to speak with Darryl at Allstate – and we are extremely glad we did! We were able to sit down with Darryl, and he patiently walked us through the ins and outs of home insurance (and better explained our current auto insurance too). At no point did we feel pressured into adding something we didn’t need, or making a final decision that day. Over the next few days Darryl was always quick to respond to any further questions, and he made several alterations to better suit our needs. Ultimately he provided us with home and auto insurance quotes we were comfortable with. Throughout the entire process Darryl was professional, honest, and very approachable. Not only did he provide the best service, he also had the best rates, and we trust having home & auto insurance with him. I would strongly recommend him to anyone. Thank you Darryl!"

Boon O. | Kingston
"I recommend Darryl highly for both your auto and home insurance needs. The Allstate 6-year renewable Claims Forgiveness and the Drivewise program are probably the best in the industry. Despite my having to pay a substantial cancellation penalty, I switched my insurance to Allstate. Darryl is affable and thoroughly professional. He is prompt in attending to your phone calls and emails. And he is knowledgeable in his business and he is patient in answering all your questions and concerns."

Karen K. | Nepean
"Darryl was extremely knowledgeable and helpful with determining my insurance needs. He made excellent recommendations. Highly recommend contacting Darryl for all of your insurance requirements."

Patrick R. | Manotick
"Darryl is one of the best insurance agents I’ve ever had. He is always responsive, cares about my needs, and goes the extra mile to make sure I am covered. I recommend Darryl to anyone, you couldn’t be in better hands when it comes to your peace of mind! Great job Darryl! Thrilled to be with Allstate!!"

Julien A. | Gloucester
"Our real estate agent recommended us to contact Darryl and find out more about the kind of services Allstate provides. From our first telephone call, I really felt confident discussing personal matters with Darryl. Dealing with an insurance company can be sensitive and a bit stressful but his calm manner, professionalism and friendliness certainly put me at ease. Darryl is very efficient and answers all our questions or worries in a clear and straightforward way. I am very happy to have someone honest and trustworthy like Darryl as my insurance agent."

Leonard M. | Orleans
"Darryl provides a service that seems to have vanished with the advent of the Internet and 1-800 – he’s available to speak to and/or will return your call promptly. It’s refreshing to be able to speak to your insurance agent and not a call centre agent in some far away land. When my wife and I first met Darryl, we were with the same insurance company for almost 15 years and we were reluctant to change. However, Darryl sat with us and reviewed our needs, both home and auto, and came up with a figure that was much less than we were paying at the time, for comparable or better coverage. Also, he provided us time to compare both policies and returned at later date to answer questions before signing us up with Allstate. Darryl is honest and forthright and is a pleasure to have as our Allstate agent. Keep up the great service Darryl."

John M. | Nepean
"Darryl’s service was excellent. Not only was he knowledgeable, but he was also pleasant to deal with and incredibly efficient."

Karen W. | Barrhaven
"Darryl has been a star at getting the best insurance deal that fit me and my family to a T. Very approachable, informative and helpful. He even broke down our insurance plan to my daughter who will be looking to get her own insurance under way soon. If you’re looking for an insurance agent that will value customer’s needs over anything else he is hands down the man you want to be in your corner! Thanks again Darryl."

Harrison G. | Orleans
"Darryl goes above and beyond, amazing service always great support whenever we need it. When I talk to him, I almost feel like family that’s how easy-going he is."

Sean R. | Orleans
"I just wanted to send a note and let you know that being part of the International Police Association (IPA) has provided me with a very helpful discount! Yes I met Darryl Lim before I joined the IPA. In the past, I have always had an arms-length approach to working with people I know so I did not take him up on his offer. But here I was in a situation where I didn’t have much to lose so I called him up. Darryl Lim saved the day! Not only did he find me insurance. But with the IPA discount it’s cheaper than what I have been paying for all the years I have lived in Ottawa. If anyone ever asks about his insurance services, please inform them of my situation and that I feel totally confident in recommending Darryl’s services." (Letter sent to the IPA Region 6 president)

Maryan & Sarah M. | Barrhaven
"Darryl was so professional and made the process of getting car insurance so easy. He made sure to give me the best possible quote. I have even referred my sister and she has also received excellent customer service as well. I highly recommend Darryl."

Lin H. | Nepean
"I highly recommend Darryl as an Insurance Agent. I have home and auto insurance with Darryl. He is very professional and always cares for my needs. He is very easy to get along. I am very happy as Darryl’s customer."

Christopher & Krissy | Nepean
"We have been working with Darryl now for the past 2 years and we are thoroughly impressed. He is always easy to get a hold of and is quick to respond whenever we have a question or concern. We were working with a different agency for many years and Darryl has managed to save us a TON of money while getting us the best insurance for our homes and cars. We are so happy that we switched to Allstate and feel lucky to have Darryl as our insurance agent."

Mark M. | Kemptville
"Let me reiterate what others have said about Darryl. He is most professional as well as being a very affable gentleman to do business with. At first I was just concerned with buying motorcycle insurance without giving them my truck and home clearly desired by my previous insurance company! Other local riders steered me towards Darryl’s Allstate office. Although Allstate wanted my vehicle insured with them as well as the bike, Darryl took the time to discuss my riding record and training, etc. Bottom line: my vehicle, motorcycles and my house are now insured with him and I couldn’t be more pleased. I have no hesitation in recommending him to others."

John & Louise | Kemptville
"Darryl has always been very professional with us. When he approached us getting insurance through him, he took the time to review the house and car policies we already had. He met with us and he explained the insurance we could get through him and save money, especially for our house insurance. We were pleased to hear this. He gave us time to think about it and never pressured us. We have been with Darryl for almost two years and have recommended him to friends. We are very pleased with his service."

Candace R. | Barrhaven
"Darryl was extremely professional and knowledgeable. He was able to get us a fantastic rate for our home and auto insurance. He made the switch from our former insurance to Allstate easy and convenient. I highly recommend him!"

Sovan T. | Barrhaven
"Darryl is super professional and meticulous at his job and finds the best possible deals. He responded quickly to my emails and also followed up. I definitely would recommend him for all your insurance needs. I was even able to get a discount on my home insurance and rental properties. He can explain it better than me. Worth the inquiry if you’re looking!"

Stephanie D. | Nepean
"If you need insurance, you must see Darryl! He’s super professional, super patient and super
understanding. My husband and I are very satisfied with his excellent customer service. Always friendly and always available to answer all our questions. Happy to have found an insurance agent that I know will take care of all my concerns."

Barry & Heather P. | Barrhaven
"Darryl made the switch to Allstate seamless and helped us find some great savings! A pleasure to work with and happy to have him as our agent!"

Renren B. | Nepean
"My husband and I are very impressed by Darryl’s full client services. He sat down with us, and explained in detail what is being covered in our insurance plans. We never received the same quality of insurance services before. Through the whole process, Darryl is very efficient, effective, authentic, professional, and responsible. Darryl has big commitment to his clients, act on it, and bring good results. Darryl gained our trust. We will continue our insurance with Allstate as long as Darryl stays with Allstate. We will refer our friends and our clients to Darryl for his excellent professional services, and his honest, responsible personality, especially, his hard work and ethical conducts."

Diana & David | Barrhaven
"We recently switched insurance companies after being with the same broker for numerous years. Darryl walked us through the whole process and made sure we got the best possible price which was a HUGE savings from what we were paying! Thanks Darryl for the great personal service and patience!"

Bruce & Teresa H. | Rockland
"We got a great price on just the right insurance for our needs. Completely worth switching."

Molly & Stephen | Orleans
"A huge shout out to Darryl Lim at Allstate Insurance for taking the time to review my home and auto policies and find ways to save us money and make sure we are appropriately covered. Time well invested with a knowledgeable and understanding insurance agent!” 

Aaron B-M | Barrhaven
"It was only about a week ago that I decided that I wanted to buy my first car and needed to get auto insurance. I was referred to Darryl and messaged him and within minutes he replied and walked me through everything that needed to be done. Darryl helped me find exactly the coverage that suited my needs and answered all of my questions. He made buying auto insurance for my first time a seamless process and had everything ready to go right in time for when I pick up my car today! Thanks again Darryl for the great service and finding me a great rate!"

Alison C. | Scarborough
"If you need insurance, please do yourself a favour and connect with Darryl. From beginning to end, he was on top of everything that needed to be done. He thoroughly explained what all of the terms and conditions meant in plain, non-insurance language and he stayed with us on the phone for so long, making sure we were comfortable with our policy and answering all of our questions. He told me that he really likes saving people money, and he definitely meant it: he went through all the possible ways to help us save and he cut our monthly cost by so much! We live in Toronto (he can sell to anyone in Ontario) and he is in Nepean, but it felt like we were so close because he was so available to us and worked around our availability. My whole family is so grateful to him for all of his help and really saved us a ton money! Thanks, Darryl!!"

Bonnie Mark B. | Ottawa
"Darryl is always very polite, very knowledgeable and very helpful. He helped get a really cheap insurance on my motorcycle and car, even tried to help me on his day off. Ratings 10/10, stars 5/5, Highly Recommended. Who ever is reading this you should call him now!"

Dianne L. | Woodlawn
"2 thumbs up for Darryl Lim! First met him at the 2016 Ottawa Home & Garden Show and my transfer over to Allstate was easy. He was always available to answer any questions and to get the best price for what I needed. Always friendly; Always helpful. I highly recommend Darryl if you want to get the best insurance quote with great service."

Dean T. | Chapel Hill
"Darryl has been extremely helpful and professional! He is definitely client focussed and has been available any time I have needed. I switched from RBC to Allstate and am very happy I did!! Thanks Darryl!"

Sylvie & Beverly | Nepean
"You are the best! Thank you again for saving us a lot of money."