June is Pride Month in Canada!

June is Pride Month in Canada! Pride celebrates the diversity of our Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) communities. As Canadians, we have a lot to be proud of! I am thankful to be a citizen of a country that has a heightened acceptance, camaraderie and legal status for our LGBT communities.

One of the reasons I immigrated to Canada is because I was born and raised in a country that is not LGBT-friendly. Living as an out gay man here in Canada has allowed me to be comfortable in my own skin and not live in fear of constant homophobia and discrimination. Our Canadian laws and attitudes around LGBT issues is empowering to everyone.

The LGBT Community here in Canada and specifically Ottawa, has always been important to me and played an integral role through my career and schooling. In fact, for about two years, I was the Community Relations Manager at Pink Triangle Services here in Ottawa. This position gave me experiences, support and friendships. It reminded me of how lucky we are to have the support and acceptance of our government and society.

During my studies at Carleton University, I played a prominent role in the campus LGBT community as the Programming Coordinator of the LGBT Centre. I also undertook my Honours thesis through an internship at EGALE Canada (Equality for Gays & Lesbians Everywhere) at a time when they were advancing the rights of LGBT Canadians through Bill C-38, the Equal Marriage Act.

Like everybody else, LGBT Canadians want financial stability and protection along with social and legal equality. Diversity and inclusion is an integral part of my clients’ insurance needs! Being a Trusted Advisor means I am able to understand the unique needs and perspectives of my LGBT clients. As an Allstate agent, I can help you insure everything you have and everyone you love”.

Pride is a time of fun, celebration, commemoration, reflection, as well as events and festivities celebrating LGBT Canadians. I am proud to support equality and diversity and hope that you have a safe and healthy celebration. Happy Pride!