Vehicle Safety Discounts

Allstate Canada is revving up its industry-leading protection and prevention services with the introduction of the Vehicle Safety Discount (VSD) program.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems are electronic safety features in many modern vehicles. They assist motorists while they drive and are the fastest-growing segment in automotive electronics. They can increase car and road safety by reducing the possibility of human error, which leads to collisions and accidents.

These features may include automated lighting, anti-lock brakes, adaptive cruise and traction control, as well as collision and pedestrian crash avoidance detection. They alert drivers of other vehicles near them, warn of lane departures, and notify motorists of objects in their blind spots.

The rapid transformation of automobile technology presents us with an opportunity to adapt our pricing to reflect the diminished risks these features provide. The VSD applies to Accident Benefit and Bodily Injury coverages. The maximum discount a customer can receive is 15%.

Which Safety Features Receive a Discount?

~~ Forward collision mitigation – 5%

~~ Lane departure mitigation – 5%

~~ Selectable (restricted) driver mode – 2.5%

~~ Driver monitor – 1%

~~ Forward/rear collision or lane departure warning – 0.5%

~~ Parking assist sensor and/or camera – 0.5%

~~ "Do Not Disturb" while driving – 0.5%

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