Product Descriptions

Insurance is not a 'one-size-fit-all' product. Here are the following types of insurance that I can offer you

Car (interior).jpeg


Auto insurance covers all private passenger vehicles, including car, truck, SUV, etc. Coverage is also available for business-use vehicles and classic cars.



Protect your summer ‘toys’ and have the peace of mind that you are well covered while having fun!

Boat Insurance.jpeg


For a few dollars a month, protect you, your loved ones, and your vessel, against liability in the event of an accident on the water. If you own a boat, yacht or small watercraft with 25hp or more, then you should consider this coverage.




Many people have small home-based businesses as a side venture or to supplement their income. These can be insured under a Home Business Endorsement.


Condo insurance has significant and unique differences than insuring a single family home. Coverages include ‘Additions & Alterations’ to protect any custom up-fits to your condo unit; and even cover a portion of your condo board deductible in a loss.

Cottage Insurance.jpeg

Cottage / Seasonal Property

Protect your ‘home away from home’. Have the peace of mind knowing your cottage or seasonal property is protected year-round from fires, floods or break-ins.   



Purchasing a home is most likely the largest purchase you will ever make. As such, you need to ensure you are protected for all perils. Let me help you navigate and find the best home insurance solution that will protect you and your loved ones.

Life, Health and Disability

While protecting your automobiles, toys and property are important, it is also equally crucial to make sure that you and your family are covered for Life, Health and Disability insurance. I offer this product through a strategic partner at Sun Life Financial. Let us provide you a one-stop Total Protection Plan for you and your family!


Offering competitive rates for Touring, Cruising & Standard model bikes. Receive 30% off your motorcycle premium if you have a full M License for four years. Let me help provide you the peace of mind while riding!


Motorhome Insurance.jpeg


Anyone who owns a trailer, fifth wheel or motor home should consider this insurance product. Coverage includes collision, comprehensive, liability and contents inside the motorhome. 


Rental Property

Protect up to five investment properties in addition to your principal home. Coverages include extended liability, replacement cost guarantee, and protecting your rental income in the event of a loss.

Snowmobile Insurance.jpeg


This product protects you and your winter 'toys' from any losses or liability claims. Have the peace of mind that you are covered while snowmobiling! 


Tenant / RENTERS

Sometimes known as Renter’s insurance, a Tenant insurance policy protects your personal belongings, liability as well as providing you with additional living expenses in the event of a loss.

Travel Insurance (2).jpeg


Get the peace of mind when planning your next getaway!  I offer personalized travel insurance solutions that are customized to your needs.

Protecting your Valuables.jpeg


Personal Article Floaters (PAFs) are a great way to ensure peace of mind for your highly-prized possessions such as jewellery, artworks, coin collections, musical instruments, sports memorabilia, etc. by insuring these to their full insurance replacement value. PAF items are not subject to market depreciation nor a deductible.


Water Damage

You may have heard the saying, “Flood is the new Fire”. Due to climate change, flooding is now a higher threat to homes than fire. You only need to follow the news of recent floods in Ottawa to realize its prevalence. Let me provide you with a comprehensive homeowner package that includes coverage for Service Line ruptures, Sewer Back-up and Overland Water (flooding)!