Testimonial 1

“If you need insurance, please do yourself a favour and connect with Darryl. From beginning to end, he was on top of everything that needed to be done. He thoroughly explained what all the terms and conditions meant in plain, non-insurance language and he stayed with us on the phone for so long, making sure we were comfortable with our policy and answering all of our questions. He told me that he really likes savings people money, and he definitely meant it: he went through all the possible ways to help us save and he cut our monthly cost by so much! We live in Toronto (he can sell to anyone in Ontario) and he is in Nepean, but it felt like we were so close because he was so available to us and worked around our availability. My whole family is so grateful to him for all of his help and really saved us a ton [of] money! Thanks, Darryl!!” – Alison C, Scarborough