Testimonial 5

 “Darryl provides a service that seems to have vanished with the advent of the Internet and 1-800 – he’s available to speak to and/or will return your call promptly. It’s refreshing to be able to speak to your insurance agent and not a call centre agent in some far away land. When my wife and I first met Darryl, we were with the same insurance company for almost 15 years and we were reluctant to change. However, Darryl sat with us and reviewed our needs, both home and auto, and came up with a figure that was much less than we were paying at the time, for comparable or better coverage. Also, he provided us time to compare both policies and returned at later date to answer questions before signing us up with Allstate. Darryl is honest and forthright and is a pleasure to have as our Allstate agent. Keep up the great service Darryl.” – Leonard M, Orleans